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We have a keen interest in working with clients that have hiring requirements that are very difficult to fill and with our candidate community who seek working with amazing, top-notch employers. Our experience, our approach, and most of all, our passionate commitment to quality, provide an unparalleled capacity to deliver.

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Our Methodology

  • Over time, we’ve refined our approach and developed a targeted search methodology. Regardless of size and marketing sizzle, the majority of staffing vendors provide a generalized and non-targeted approach to recruitment which tends not to reach the hidden market of highly sought-after A players. Modern-day tools such as Internet Job Boards and Social Networking sites are great but still do not do a good job of reaching top talent.
  • Hate the volume of unqualified candidates?  So do we!  The very best must be recruited!  A players are still the most highly sought after group of candidates. This group consists of the top 10% of the workforce including the most senior of professionals and/or candidates with hard-to-find or niche skill sets. Yet, it’s the 90% group of B players that tend to be most active in the job market, responding to publicly advertised roles.
  • Unlike the very vast majority of recruitment agencies, we do not take on more work than we know can handle. As a result, we fill 99% of the requirements that we take from our clients. We are relentlessly obsessed with delivering results and even more passionate about offering a world-class customer service experience.

Choosing a Recruitment Partner

  • Whether you seek experienced candidates or those with highly specialized niche skill sets, we will provide compelling reasons as to why it is important to work with a recruitment partner who employs a pro-active selection methodology that is able to connect you to the hidden candidate market.
  • We’re people-people and we know people!  With decades of experience in the recruitment industry, we have developed a vast network of clients and candidates. 
  • Our processes make it easy to work with us. No One solution is appropriate for all situations. We offer flexibility in our customized approach and fully guarantee our work - Guaranteed!

Here's What You'll Get

  • Technically current and business-oriented account managers and resource managers
  • Candidate fit assessments are multi-factorial, which include heavy screening for communication and inter-personal skills
  • Up-to-date market analytics and reports
  • The very best customer service, support and placement guarantees

Want to know what our clients Say About Us?

Marcello is a true 'personal relationship' style of recruiting expert and has been exceptional at finding not just top talent, but the RIGHT talent to fit culture, style and aptitude well beyond the keyword and skills placement so common elsewhere. His personal service has always been top notch in helping place product development oriented teams. I highly recommend him if you need help placing new talent.

-Director, IT

We had been struggling to find software developers that met the level of technical abilities that we wanted as well as people that fit into our corporate culture. That problem went away when we spoke with MVP Talent. They were insightful and prompt in addressing our challenges. They brought us people that matched exactly what we were looking for.

-HR Manager