Advantages and Benefits of Retaining an Executive Search Firm

1. Proactive & Targeted Recruitment Services = Higher Quality
Your best-fit candidate isn’t looking for you. The best of the best are typically
gainfully employed, highly engaged and do not have time to look for work. A proactive and
targeted approach seeks out the best fit rather than waiting for candidates to apply via
public job ads. The goal is to find the overall best fit not the best fit of the candidates that have applied – there’s a big difference.

2. Vast Network = Higher Quality
In addition to our proactive and targeted approach, our executive search team has spent decades building a vast network of business connections. This means we’re able to consider and reach out to a larger number of potential candidates than your in-house recruiters. A wider range of high-quality talent to choose from ensures the exact right match for the role, the company, and its culture role.

3. In-Depth Understanding of Your Requirements = Higher Quality
As business leaders ourselves, we understand what it takes to lead. We take the time to fully understand the requirements, the company, the market segment, and the objective of the hire. By better understanding the assignment, we are more likely to target the correct talent pool, which in turn results in a higher quality match. Also, a good recruitment firm becomes an extension of your marketing efforts by effectively articulating to a prospective candidate why they would want to join your company versus your competition.

4. Unbiased, Data-Driven Search and Selection = Higher Quality
Conscious and unconscious bias can threaten objectivity in the hiring process for any level of talent. In addition, it shrinks the talent pool because many candidates are disqualified based on factors that are completely irrelevant to the job. MVP employs data-driven search and interview methods that provide a thorough and unbiased evaluation of candidates. As a result, you will evaluate more and better-qualified candidates than you would if bias were to limit the selection process.

5. Discretion, Confidentiality and Reduced Risk
The pursuit of top-tier executive talent often requires a level of discretion that conventional recruitment avenues simply cannot provide. MVP prioritizes the confidentiality of the search process, safeguarding the reputations of both your organization and all candidates involved.
This discretion is invaluable for preserving existing relationships and preventing potential disruption that could arise from public knowledge of a leadership transition. And, by maintaining a cloak of confidentiality, your business can navigate the recruitment process with minimal disruption and heightened professionalism.

6. Save Time and Money
Recruitment can be an incredibly time-consuming process, demanding substantial resources that might be better allocated to other areas of your business. MVP alleviates this burden by letting our experts utilize our efficient and proven recruitment methodology from start to finish. This allows every member of your team to channel their energies toward their strategic initiatives and day-to-day operations, ensuring that their efforts remain undiluted.

7. Post-Placement Follow-up and Customer Support
MVP has a preset and consistent follow-up schedule with the client and the new hire to ensure a successful placement. Your investment is always protected by our iron-clad 6-month guarantee – guaranteed!

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